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Price List

Professional CD (4 songs) - $2500
Includes writing & arranging
(Artist must pay for Musicians & studio sessions)

Voice Lessons (30 minutes) - $20

Jingles - $200

Vocal soundtrack for commercials - $150

Radio intro and exit with music - $120
voice only (without music) -

NO MUSICIAN Praise/Worship CD's - $150 and up
If we don't have your style, we will optain and arrange, to meet your schedule.

Closing - $50
Various styles available, arranged in any key

Rehersal Location - $40/hour (2hr min)
Reherse with your group without having to set-up
Includes piano, drume, guitar, sound system.

Xp 80 72 Keys - $45 hr (2hr min)
If you are ready to start arranging your music or CD, our fully loaded 16 track XP80 will get you started.

Professinal Arrangements - $180/per song
If you need to arrange your music and do not play piano...we can help!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome everyone........

Hey Dudes.... check out my blog... along with all my musical information !!!